Who We Are

Social Colony is a company that born from the urge to revolting the current age of brand agency. Social Colony want to bring the changes and set a new standard of work on brand world.

We are a group of young men & women with different skills, specialties, and dreams. Social Colony is a mold that shaped these people to become of one mind and body to make those dreams come true and achieve more than just a job-well-done.

Everything starts with an idea. But not everyone are willing to explore and make it real. With SocialColony we like to discuss your idea and plan the strategy to make it real. Like our motto, we like to take you to “See What’s Beyond”.

  • Vision
  • As a brand agency, SocialColony always aim to give and show our clients a new possibilities and vision of what is beyond the normal approach of a project and offer different solution for each every works the client want.

  • Mission
  • As a brand agency we can make a difference on creative industry and give real to the community.


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Our Team Member

Panca Prakoso


Kho Andi Suharto K




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